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How do I get an exemption for the placement test?

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Students may qualify for an exemption from all or part of placement testing in the following ways:
  • If the student previously earned college credit. The student must submit a college transcript or grade report showing a “C” or better in a college-level (101 or higher) English composition/rhetoric course and/or mathematics course.
  • An ACT score of 20 or above in English, reading and/or mathematics.
    • 20 or higher in English grants placement into COM-101: Composition I.
    • 20 or higher in Reading places students out of all Reading (RDG) courses.
    • 20-21 in Mathematics grants placement into the following courses: MTH-120 (General Education Mathematics), 121 (Math for Teachers I), 139 (Probability and Statistics), 141 (College Algebra).
    • 22-25 in Mathematics grants placement into the following courses: MTH-142 (Trigonometry), 143 (Finite Math), 145 (Business Calculus), 212 (Business Statistics), 215 (Discrete Mathematics).
    • 26 or higher in Mathematics grants placement into MTH-150: Calculus I.
  • A PARCC score of 4 or 5 in English, reading, and/or mathematics.